Use the drawing tool(s) to form the correct answer on the provided number line.An internet service provider is implementing a new program based on the number of connected devices in each household. Currently, customers are charged a flat rate of $175 per month. The new plan would charge a flat rate of $94 plus an additional $4.50 per device connected to the network. Find and graph the number of devices, x, for which the cost of the new plan is less than the current plan.

Accepted Solution

Answer:n < 18 Step-by-step explanation:The condition you are looking for is that                                          94 + 4.50n < 175 Subtract 94 from each side     4.50n < 81 Divide each side by 4.50                 n < 18 The number of devices must be fewer than 18 for the new plan to cost less than the current plan. The diagram is a graph of the inequality 94 + 4.50n < 175. Any value of n less than 18 (that is, in the pink zone and not on the vertical dashed line) will satisfy the inequality.