A speedy tortoise can run with a speed of vT and a hare can run with a speed vH. The hare waits to rest for a time Δt0 after the race begins and the tortoise starts and then runs as fast as he can, but the tortoise still wins by a shell (length of shell = s). The length of the racetrack is a distance, d. The race is considered over when the tortoise crosses the finish line. Using the symbols of the problem, write an equation for the amount of time that the hare ran, ΔtH.

Accepted Solution

Answer:ΔtH = (d -s) / vHStep-by-step explanation:Using time = distance / velocity,  Let dH be the distance the hare ran and replace in the equation ΔtH = dH / vH Since the tortoise won by a shell (s) and the the length of the racetrack is d, the hare ran a distance equal to dH = d -s now dH is replace to obtained an equation for ΔtH ΔtH = (d -s) / vH