A (5, 3), B (2, 1), and C (-2, 4) are the coordinates of a triangle's vertices. If the triangle is reflected over the x-axis, what are the coordinates of the image?

Accepted Solution

Answer:A(5,3)  ->A'(5,-3)B(2,1)   ->B'(2,-1)C(-2,4)  ->C'(-2,-4)Step-by-step explanation:If a point is reflected over the x-axis, it ends up on the opposite side of the x-axis with the same distance from the x-axis.So what that means is the x-coordinate will stay the same and the y-coordinate will be opposite of what it was.So if we reflect each of your points through the x-axis you will get:A(5,3)  ->A'(5,-3)B(2,1)   ->B'(2,-1)C(-2,4)  ->C'(-2,-4)