New research reveals critical welfare issues lions facial area in captivity

New research reveals critical welfare issues lions facial area in captivity

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In a new research, conservation group Blood Lions and non-profit organisation, World Animal Safety, delved deep into the welfare concerns of lions in captivity and named on the South African federal government to crack down on the exploitative captive lion marketplace.

The captive lion field is comprised of much more than 350 business amenities housing anyplace amongst 8000 and 10,000 lions, with extremely tiny regard for their wellbeing. The study recognized 170 unfavourable disorders related with the industry, this sort of as malnutrition, weight problems, dehydration, and irregular behaviours this sort of as self-mutilation or abnormal pacing.

Following a report recommending the closure of the country’s business captive lion sector, Barbara Creecy, Minister of the Division of Forestry, Fisheries and the Natural environment (DFFE), introduced in Could 2021 that South Africa would no for a longer time breed or preserve captive lions for commercial use.

It has been a yr considering that the announcement, and the captive lion marketplace has undergone pretty small improve. Breeding, canned hunting and investing of captive-bred lions is however authorized, as well as interactive tourism encounters, such as cub petting.

Edith Kabesiime, Planet Animal Safety Wildlife Campaigns Manager, stated: ‘We urge the Minister to preserve pressure on the progress of the future legislative modifications, as, in the meantime the welfare of thousands of lions and other significant cats hangs in the equilibrium. We attraction to the Minister to urgently have out a extensive national audit of the existing business captive lion field, together with the welfare circumstances of the big cats associated, in buy to minimise unintended detrimental welfare impacts all through the planned stage out of the market in South Africa.’

A petition in help of an open letter to the Ministers of the DFFE can be located in this article.

Photo: Getaway Gallery

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