Finding a good pine wardrobe

When you walk into a furniture shop and see a pine wardrobe you want, how do you know that it is going to the right choice for you?

Likely any other furniture in your home, the selection criteria is primarily based on appearance and functionality. Firstly, I’ll cover identifying quality which will have a bearing on appearance as well as functionality. At first glance, you are likely to notice straight away the knots, grain and shakes (i.e. small cracks in wood surface).

Before jumping the gun and freaking out, yes, these are technically considered to be slight defects, but in actuality it is these natural irregularities that will give your pine furniture its uniqueness. Think of these features as character. Knots should be expected. However, if there are holes in the knots or there are too many knots, then the furniture would become weak. This may not be a problem for you depending on the load you want to place. For example, if you’re just going to put clothes in them, then it is unlikely to break the wardrobe. If you’re contemplating putting heavier items, then factor that into your purchasing decision.

Another important aspect of the furniture to check before purchase is its construction. The joints should have dowels or screws, not stapled. If glue is used, this should not should outside the joint. It should be noted that pine furniture when crafted well, is smooth and the walls plumb. Any drawers should pull out smoothly and maintain their shape when twisted. The fasteners on the drawer should make a snug fit between the front and the rest of the drawer. The doors when closed, should be flush with the front of the wardrobe. Finally, the wardrobe should be sturdy. Assuming it is sitting on a level ground, if rocked, it should not wobble.

Obvious visual signs of poorly constructed pine furniture include splintered edges, scratches and dents on the surface. The back panels and other unexposed parts should be sanded smooth and well fitted.

Large Pine Wardrobe

Now, you can get finished or unfinished pine furniture. Why would you choose unfinished? If you feel creative, you can personalize it by painting or stenciling. So there is flexibility in going with this option. At a later point, if your taste changes, you can refinish and repaint to your liking.

One additional point I would like to make with regards to appearance is matching with the surrounding furniture and the room itself. For example, if you had a Futon Bed, you might want to blend that with an antique pine wardrobe whose design has some Asian influence.

There are two ways you can go about making your choice. You can either go for the mass-produced route (E.g. IKEA) or the custom-built route. Obviously, the cost will vary, but the principles behind your selection criteria remains the same.

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