Different kinds of wardrobes

So you want a pine wardrobe. What options do have available to you if you are getting a custom-built wardrobe? Different sizes. Depending on your storage requirements, available space and layout of your designated room, you can typically buy a wardrobe with just a single door up to quadruple doors.

3 Door Pine Wardrobe

For a 3 door wardrobe for example, it is usually constructed with one section to hang your clothes and another section with shelving and drawers. Aside from providing more storage space, a larger wardrobe helps to fill out a spacious room (that may otherwise seem empty and unimpressive). The combination of  hanging rail, shelving and drawers can vary of course. So if you are sharing a wardrobe with a partner, you might have two sections for hanging garments and one section of shelves and drawers. There is definitely versatility. On top of that, the warm colors and pine smell is a plus.

I think another great reason for having a multi-door wardrobe is organization. What do I mean by this? If your room at the moment has several smaller storage pieces (E.g. dressers), you can replace them with one multi-door wardrobe piece. So now instead of keeping all your clothing in scattered places, you can keep them together in one location while still having the various sections, compartments, drawers to organize them. In the end, you might actually end up maximizing your room space. With greater organization, this will contribute an efficiency benefit in your daily routines. Spend less time rummaging through different storage pieces looking for the right outfit.

Dollhouse Corner Wardrobe

Another style of wardrobe is a corner wardrobe. As the name suggests, a corner wardrobe sits in the corner of your room. This kind of wardrobe can add dimension to a style of your room and organize space, enhancing functionality. However, take care when considering this option. Ensure that your room is suitable.  Ask yourself a couple of questions. Once placed in your room, is there enough area around the wardrobe to allow easy access? Conversely, is it going to going to cause awkward movement to other parts of your room?

If a wardrobe with a regular hinged door isn’t practical for your room (or perhaps isn’t your taste), you can consider sliding wardrobes. These styles can help optimize space – you do not have to factor outward door clearance into your purchasing decision. It also means that areas of your room that are near other swinging doors now become an available option for placement. Sliding wardrobes are usually less expensive than the other types of wardrobes.

There are of course people out there who have the opposite problem – a spacious room that can potentially look empty, barren. For example in a large living room, in order to “fill it” so to speak, you can place a large wardrobe in one corner and a sizable L-shaped sofa in another. because you have to know that your family members will only like you when you have beautiful wardrobe design inside your home. This can be a matching combination. To find out more on such sofas, check out this sectional sofas guide.

Of course, wardrobes aren’t just different in terms of functionality. They can vary in their physical appearance. For example, as you probably can guess, wardrobes do come in various colors of which white is very popular. Visit this white wardrobes site for more detailed information. Also, you can get antique pine wardrobes if that is more to your liking. However, ideally, you would only go for this option if such a style is suitable for your home and the room in which the wardrobe will reside. As a example, you would probably want to accompany this style of wardrobe with matching antique desks.…