Why Should You Get Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk ?

Office workers traditionally used to depend on cramped, small, wooden furniture desks, that over time wrecked their work schedule with the amount of problems that occurred. Termite infestation to sharp edges digging into your knees to a constant feeling of irreparable discomfort; name it and people would agree. With a changing world, the technology has rapidly transformed as well. So, has the furniture section. Each category brings about its own magic in the form of furniture tables, desks and chairs. I always prefer having L shaped computer desks if I need comfort. Here are some of the top recommended models by Deskhive

Desks are now available in glass, wrought iron, ceramic, steel, PVC coated and manufactured wood.

Some desks are classic wooden, some steel built and some are made of glass. It all translates into a more sophisticated and stylish design which can provide you the best functionality as well as seamlessly fit into any given room. A good computer desk should make sure of every spot on the surface area being thoroughly organized. There should be some sort of cable management, proper concealed drawers for plug in chargers and more. In most cases, these computer desks need to be assembled once delivered.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk :-

The origami computer desk opens and folds in seconds. It holds flat for easy storage. There is no assembly required. The shelf capacity is 250 pounds per shelf and the level surface is evenly distributed. Despite its simplistic design, it is well designed and sturdy. The large amount of space provided is perfect for a full computer desk top system to go up on it. You can conveniently fit your laptop, computer system, speakers, subwoofer and more. You can even fit in a play station underneath in the space provided below.

It is a portable work station, thus can be easily carried or moved from one room to another. The setup is ridiculously easy and you will have absolutely no qualms in assembling it. It has a detachable top surface board, and a separate frame which is surprisingly light in weight and easy to hold up.

The days of chunky computer desks are over, with this Origami RDE-01 Computer desk in town. Among the most notable features, is how easily the desk folds and how it can be stored in 40 seconds or less. The removable table top makes it easy to move the desk from one room to another or from one house to another as well. Thus, making it the most portable work station possible. There are no tools required to put the desk together, thus adding to the immense plus points it already has. While it is an excellent gaming table because of its sturdy features, it can also be used as a writing desk, office desk for home office uses and as an extension table to store folders, binders and important documents.

The sturdy steel frame allows for over 45 kilograms to conveniently be placed, which means that it can hold so much more than just a desktop.

The only slight drawback with the desk is that there’s no keyboard drawer. However, considering the expensive table top, it can easily accommodate a keyboard and even multiple gaming consoles. The two-piece folding mechanism as well as the frame lock ensures not only easy set up and storage, but also, structural integrity when in use. The locking system makes the desk stable, even if has to support a lot of weight.

It can be used as a study table for general purposes, as well as a gaming table for people who have a lot of gaming peripherals. The limited space holders can easily go for the ORIGAMI table. It is aptly named since it is a clever and practical method of storage and can be increasingly used to develop productivity on a regular basis.

Care Tips for your Pine Wardrobe

So you’ve purchased your dream pine wardrobe for your bedroom, or perhaps you’ve got one already. What steps can you take to ensure it will last as long as possible and retain as much of its original appearance and quality as possible? Usually, manufacturers will provide their own instructions on this matter, but I’ll cover some general basics that will be widely applicable.

The first important thing to know is that pine actually breathes while sitting in your home. No, it’s not alive after the tree it comes from is cut down and processed. What do I mean by this then and what is the significance of this? Well, pine would react to changing temperature and humidity in its local environment. Specifically, it could experience shrinkage and expansion sometimes. In a moist environment, the wood would expand, bend and when subject to heat, it may shrink and crack.

So, continuous and sudden fluctuations in temperature would be very bad for pine furniture. A room with even temperature is ideal. Definitely avoid putting it next to a radiator or in direct sunlight. Also, on a related matter, try not to put hot or chilled things (e.g. hot coffee or iced long island tea) directly on the surface. A marking WILL be left there. Remember to always use a coaster or place mat with decent thickness.

Next is cleaning your beloved pine furniture. For general cleaning, it’s quite simple. A duster (or vacuum cleaner) and LIGHTLY damp cloth will do. I emphasize LIGHTLY because of the adverse effects of exposing pine to moisture mentioned earlier. Importantly, avoid applying soap, detergent agents of any sort and even water for that matter.

As for maintaining the unique finish of pine, refrain from using any polish with Silicon in them (just check the ingredient listing on the cleaning product) as well as aerosol sprays. The reason is because this type of furniture already has a natural stain and finish, and will react to a majority of man-made products.

On a less frequent basis, you may need to re-treat the surface of your wardrobe in order to maintain its character. If you’re nervous about this process, you can call in a professional. But it’s quite straightforward to do it yourself. Unperfumed block wax is the option to go for. Just rub that over the entire surface. After treatment, don’t worry if you notice that the surface is  slightly more waxier than before. This is fine since as I indicated earlier, the wood breathes.…

Why choose Pine wardrobes?

In this post, I want to go through some advantages of choosing pine as a material wardrobe. Firstly, I’ll give a bit of background on pine without going into too much depth and turning this into a botany lesson!

Pine Trees

Pines are conifer (or coniferous) trees which are native to most countries in northern hemisphere (E.g. Canada). They also have been introduced to subtropical places in the southern hemisphere (E.g. Australia).  Pines need good soil drainage and acid, sandy soils to grow well. Of course, there are a number of species, which range in height from 3 metres all the way up to 80 metres. Commonly though, they are between 15 to 45m tall. They have very long lifespans, commonly from 100 years up to (and past) 1000 years old!

Other aspects of a conifer tree include:

  • The bark of a conifer tree is generally thick and scaly, but you will encounter species with flaking, thin bark as well.
  • Four types of leaves – seeds leaves, juvenile leaves, scale leaves and needles (adult leaves).
  • Cones – there are male and females cones, both of which grow on the same tree. After pollination, female cones take one and a half years to three years to mature. Typically, at maturity, the cones open to release the seeds. Another possibility is that the seeds remained stored and only released when exposed to heat (fire climax pines). So when there is a forest fire for example, the heat would cause the seeds to be released and re-populated into the burnt ground.

Read Alan Chenkin's to What is the durability of pine wood? What is it used for? on Quora

Now that you have an idea about the material, the reasons for choosing pine include:

  • They grow relatively fast compared to other types of wood (E.g. oak, ash, mahogany), so they are cost efficient for suppliers, and (hopefully) for you, the consumer. It also means it’s good for the environment.
  • If properly maintained, they can last a lifetime.

One disadvantage with conifer trees is that after logging, they do not possess any resistance to insect or decay. If this kind of wood is left outside, it could only last up to 18 months, tops.

Types of Pines

Without going into a debate on semantics, there are several species of pines and they placed into three classifications based on cone, seed and leaf characteristics:

  • White pines (also called soft pines) – often found in North America and Europe.
  • Lacebark pines – Central Asia (and Mexico for Pinyons).
  • Typical pines (also called hard pines) – mainly found in Europe and Asia.

For the pine geeks out there, the technical terms for the above classifications are subgenus Strobus, Ducampopinus and Pinus, respectively.

Only some types are commonly used for constructing furniture, such as a pine wardrobe. Let’s go through some main ones:

The first one is Scots Pine (hard pine class). This species is considered to be high altitude mountain trees growing at 1200 to 2600m altitude. It can grow up to 25m in height and have a trunk diameter of 1m at maturity. As a side note, the bark has a different texture and color between the lower and upper trunks. At the upper end, it is flaky, thin and orange, whilst on the lower end, it is has a thick, scaly dark grey, brownish feel. The color of the timber wood itself is somewhere between pale brown and red-brown (sort of red yellowish). The timber has the advantage of being light weight as well as being strong. Aside from being used to build furniture, it used to be popular as a Christmas tree back in the 1980s. They have since been superseeded by other species such as the Douglas Fir, which I’m going to cover next.

Douglas Fir trees can grow up to 120m tall.  They can take quite high loads so you can imagine that they would make a very durable wardrobe. The color of this wood ranges from light red to light yellow.

Another type of pine, also commonly used as Christmas trees, is the Norway Spruce.  These belong to the hard pine class. They can grow up to 35m tall. An interesting observation is that unlike many other pines, Norway Spruce are generally found scattered amongst hardwood trees, rather than in a pure pine forest. Again, it is strong and hence very appropriate in furniture construction. It has a pale wood color.

A fourth type is Ponderosa Pine (also called Western Yellow Pine or Bull Pine).  They mainly grow in mountainous terrains up to almost 70m tall. An interesting little fact is that the bark smells similar to vanilla. The wood has a pale yellow color with light red brown heartwood.…

Finding a good pine wardrobe

When you walk into a furniture shop and see a pine wardrobe you want, how do you know that it is going to the right choice for you?

Likely any other furniture in your home, the selection criteria is primarily based on appearance and functionality. Firstly, I’ll cover identifying quality which will have a bearing on appearance as well as functionality. At first glance, you are likely to notice straight away the knots, grain and shakes (i.e. small cracks in wood surface).

Before jumping the gun and freaking out, yes, these are technically considered to be slight defects, but in actuality it is these natural irregularities that will give your pine furniture its uniqueness. Think of these features as character. Knots should be expected. However, if there are holes in the knots or there are too many knots, then the furniture would become weak. This may not be a problem for you depending on the load you want to place. For example, if you’re just going to put clothes in them, then it is unlikely to break the wardrobe. If you’re contemplating putting heavier items, then factor that into your purchasing decision.

Another important aspect of the furniture to check before purchase is its construction. The joints should have dowels or screws, not stapled. If glue is used, this should not should outside the joint. It should be noted that pine furniture when crafted well, is smooth and the walls plumb. Any drawers should pull out smoothly and maintain their shape when twisted. The fasteners on the drawer should make a snug fit between the front and the rest of the drawer. The doors when closed, should be flush with the front of the wardrobe. Finally, the wardrobe should be sturdy. Assuming it is sitting on a level ground, if rocked, it should not wobble.

Obvious visual signs of poorly constructed pine furniture include splintered edges, scratches and dents on the surface. The back panels and other unexposed parts should be sanded smooth and well fitted.

Large Pine Wardrobe

Now, you can get finished or unfinished pine furniture. Why would you choose unfinished? If you feel creative, you can personalize it by painting or stenciling. So there is flexibility in going with this option. At a later point, if your taste changes, you can refinish and repaint to your liking.

One additional point I would like to make with regards to appearance is matching with the surrounding furniture and the room itself. For example, if you had a Futon Bed, you might want to blend that with an antique pine wardrobe whose design has some Asian influence.

There are two ways you can go about making your choice. You can either go for the mass-produced route (E.g. IKEA) or the custom-built route. Obviously, the cost will vary, but the principles behind your selection criteria remains the same.

If you want to know more about finding other kinds of bedroom furniture, check out our bedroom decor tips post above..…

Different kinds of wardrobes

So you want a pine wardrobe. What options do have available to you if you are getting a custom-built wardrobe? Different sizes. Depending on your storage requirements, available space and layout of your designated room, you can typically buy a wardrobe with just a single door up to quadruple doors.

3 Door Pine Wardrobe

For a 3 door wardrobe for example, it is usually constructed with one section to hang your clothes and another section with shelving and drawers. Aside from providing more storage space, a larger wardrobe helps to fill out a spacious room (that may otherwise seem empty and unimpressive). The combination of  hanging rail, shelving and drawers can vary of course. So if you are sharing a wardrobe with a partner, you might have two sections for hanging garments and one section of shelves and drawers. There is definitely versatility. On top of that, the warm colors and pine smell is a plus.

I think another great reason for having a multi-door wardrobe is organization. What do I mean by this? If your room at the moment has several smaller storage pieces (E.g. dressers), you can replace them with one multi-door wardrobe piece. So now instead of keeping all your clothing in scattered places, you can keep them together in one location while still having the various sections, compartments, drawers to organize them. In the end, you might actually end up maximizing your room space. With greater organization, this will contribute an efficiency benefit in your daily routines. Spend less time rummaging through different storage pieces looking for the right outfit.

Dollhouse Corner Wardrobe

Another style of wardrobe is a corner wardrobe. As the name suggests, a corner wardrobe sits in the corner of your room. This kind of wardrobe can add dimension to a style of your room and organize space, enhancing functionality. However, take care when considering this option. Ensure that your room is suitable.  Ask yourself a couple of questions. Once placed in your room, is there enough area around the wardrobe to allow easy access? Conversely, is it going to going to cause awkward movement to other parts of your room?

If a wardrobe with a regular hinged door isn’t practical for your room (or perhaps isn’t your taste), you can consider sliding wardrobes. These styles can help optimize space – you do not have to factor outward door clearance into your purchasing decision. It also means that areas of your room that are near other swinging doors now become an available option for placement. Sliding wardrobes are usually less expensive than the other types of wardrobes.

There are of course people out there who have the opposite problem – a spacious room that can potentially look empty, barren. For example in a large living room, in order to “fill it” so to speak, you can place a large wardrobe in one corner and a sizable L-shaped sofa in another. because you have to know that your family members will only like you when you have beautiful wardrobe design inside your home. This can be a matching combination. To find out more on such sofas, check out this sectional sofas guide.

Of course, wardrobes aren’t just different in terms of functionality. They can vary in their physical appearance. For example, as you probably can guess, wardrobes do come in various colors of which white is very popular. Visit this white wardrobes site for more detailed information. Also, you can get antique pine wardrobes if that is more to your liking. However, ideally, you would only go for this option if such a style is suitable for your home and the room in which the wardrobe will reside. As a example, you would probably want to accompany this style of wardrobe with matching antique desks.…